Facial Gels & Toners


Our facial range for oily & acne skin types was developed by Dr K Tsvyetkova (MD, PhD, Homeopath) and John Knowlton (cosmetic scientist).

This basically consists of two different sets of toners and aromatherapy gels designed for either an oily or acne skin.

The toner is a pure combination of specific homeopathic remedies fixed in alcohol to be used as a cleanser to address the over production of sebum, reduce enlarged and inflamed sebaceous glands, slow skin regeneration and formation of deep scars.

The gels are glycerine based with various essential oils to moisturise the skin and protect it from dehydration and irritation.

This new facial range is suitable for everyday use and can also be incorporated into spa facial regimes.


A'les Gel & TonerImproves the appearance of problematic skin due to hormonal imbalance resulting in acne vulgaris, boils & black heads. It is suitable for teenagers & adults.


O'les Gel & TonerControls general oiliness of the skin, especially on the T-zone.